About us

Learning from the great masters of equestrian sports. It is a dream for many riders. A dream that can become reality for everyone. At Horseriding.Academy you can follow master classes of great equestrian icons from the Netherlands.

Alex van Silfhout, Rob Ehrens, Imke Schellekens-Bartels and Marion Schreuder each give you a unique and fantastic learning experience in their own online Masterclass. What makes equestrian sports so beautiful, is that as a rider you are never done learning. 

Horseriding is a search for the best possible connection that you can realize in a respectful way together with your horse. Horse riding is a knowledge subject par excellence that continuously provides new insights. And it doesn't stop at training or competition, the care and handling of the horse is the basis of our sport as well. That requires knowledge. Of the horse, of riding, of riding technique, health, care and behaviour. This knowledge is also the basis of equine welfare. Knowing what a horse is, what it does and how it learns is necessary to handle and ride a horse in a correct way.

We strive for the Happy Athlete, both for human and horse.

Horseriding.academy is powered by de KNHS.